Improve your mindfulness!

How are you coping nowadays? Is everything going according to what you have planned? Or are you making the efforts to change your ways?

COVID-19 has surely changed our way of living life, doing business and definitely changed our perception of life. Our body was programmed to wake up in the morning, doing personal work, dressing up and heading for work, returning to our loved ones and spending time with our families. But now we wake up and we feel like we are running in circles. Waking up and trying to do everything at one go, with overloaded information and then there is a huge feeling of procrastination and it seems like everything is taking a toll on our mind. Nowadays we are always feeling like doing “more” and “better”, and that too in a very short span of time. Now there is no harm is trying to do more and in a better way, but there should be a pause on this. Our mind is taking its own time to adapt to this drastic change and we should be patient enough to give time to our mind.

Mindfulness. Such a long word and yet so simple. It is a state of our mind where we are aware of the present and we are aware of our own behavior at each moment. Study reveals that it is very crucial to practice and imbibe mindfulness so that we do not feel stressed and depressed. Now is the time, more than ever when such a practice can improve us and make us feel alive more than ever.

A few tips by which you can bring mindfulness in your life:

  1. Wake up early. It is a good habit to wake up by 6 AM in the morning and take a whiff of fresh air. It clears you brain and makes you feel energized.
  2. Meditate. Make sure to meditate for about 10-15 minutes in the morning. It will make you ready for the day.
  3. Read newspaper. Study shows that what we study in the morning, we tend to remember it for a long time. Newspaper or a few pages of your book will open your mind to face the day.
  4. Sip green tea. Obesity is the new form of smoking. To reduce the caffeine intake and to ensure our health is in good condition, switch from black to green tea.
  5. Eat slowly and mindfully. Take small bites and stay away from T.V, laptop or any kind of social media while eating. Let your body and mind to enjoy the food.
  6. Talk to nature. Staying within the closed doors will make us sicker. Take some time out and enjoy the greenery outside.
  7. Check you digital time. Always try to keep a tab on the time you are spending on social media or on the screen. For this one can use Pomodoro Technique.
  8. Follow your passion. Now is a great time of you want to follow up on something which you previously did not get time to do. It will also be good to keep stress at bay.

These are the few techniques which one can definitely follow to practice mindfulness. It is advisable to acknowledge that things are tough but we should also be mindful to not let stress build its house in our mind.

Till then, stay safe and be mindful….