Tips to take care of your fur buddies in monsoon.

Pets also need as much as care in rainy seasons as we humans need. As monsoon has arrived almost in every part of the country. I have a cat as my pet. I make sure that he is groomed well whenever he comes back home. I try to feed him with boiled water as they are also infection prone in this weather. I also avoid giving him excess meet and oily food as it makes their stomach upset. These fur buddies just need this extra little care and love. As all they have is us and being a pet parent it’s our responsibility to completely take care of them. And monsoon being the season of Diseases it becomes a little tough for our furry friends. Your pet can enjoy the rainy season as much as you if you follow these tips:

  1. Ensure your pet’s fur is dry: A damp fur is a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria so make sure you give his fur a good rubdown before and after his walk. Blow drying the fur is also a good option. Your pet’s bath time can also get a bit difficult with the constant rains and no sunlight so you can use a dry shampoo for the time being instead of bath.
  2. Clean the paws: Paws are always exposed to the ground and hence are very sensitive as they can contain pathogens which could cause illness. Since paws are easily prone to infection make sure you cover your pet’s feet with protective boots or shoes as it will ensure that grass, mud or insects do not get into its paws. If he refuses to use them you can always wipe and clean his paws after his walk.
  3. Keep the bedding dry: Nobody likes to sleep in a cold damp bed, even your pet. Whichever part of the house your pet prefers to sleep, ensure it is dry and well covered, as a cold surface is bound to bring joint pain. Also the bedding should be changed frequently to make sure there is no bacterial growth.
  4. Clean the ears: During the wet season, moisture gets easily collected in the ears. Due to this the ear wax and moisture collaborate and cause ear infections. So you must keep your pet’s ears dry especially after he finishes his walk. If your pet has long closed ears tie it up over his head so that it stays dry.
  5. Keep your pet active indoors: Since it is wet outside you can cook up various games that your four legged chum can play indoors. If you have a flight of stairs make use of them, run up and down with your pet. If you have a spacious hall, clear the tables and sofas and play a game of ball or Frisbee with your faithful hound. Or you can create a treasure game by hiding away his favourite treats and toys and asking him to find it. He is bound to have lots of fun as it would test his sniffing and intelligence level.
  6. Monitor his feeding: Since your pet is most often indoors during the rains you must add additional fiber to his food by increasing his intake of fruits and vegetables. This will ensure regular bowel movements even though his walking is cut down. If his activity levels have reduced you must reduce the portion of food in order to avoid overweight issues.
  7. Watch out for infections: During the wet season pets are most often prone to infections. So if you catch your hound itching, scratching, constantly licking and having odorous ears you must take him to the vet.

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