COVID 19 and domestic issue

In this crucial time of fighting together against COVID-19 the people all over the country are bound by law to stay at home and follow the lockdown as directed by Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi.During Period it has been observed that cases of domestic violence are increasing rapidly.Domestic violence includes any kind of harm physically,emotionally and sexually by one member of family to another.In this time all the members of family are at home together there are more chances of differences to be caused due to distinct views, beliefs. Lots of cases of domestic violence are being reported nowadays. The main cause of this domestic violence is lack of education,lack of values and respect for each other.Surviving in this society doesn’t mean that a person could do anything just to please or calm down its own anger. In case of domestic violence one hurts another in order to calm down its anger which is not justified neither by values nor by law.To fix this issue of domestic violence one always needs to be calm. There must be proper polite discussions on knowledgable or interesting topics to make proper use of quarantine period.One must keep the feeling of respect towards another. This COVID-19 give us plenty of time which should be used in a good manner.The problem of domestic violence mainly arises from anger,aggression so people must take care of these feelings. They must do things which please themselves but do not offend others.Whether it is upper society or lower caste the cases of domestic violence  are everywhere so this must be stopped and the only solution is to stay calm,be positive, do not over react and give time to older as well as younger ones.

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