It is the common tendency of human beings to get attracted to something new. Man never gets tired of inventing new things, instead always would love to update himself. He is never satisfied with the present possessions he has, but always crave for more. This is what caused the origin of new media. But unlike other inventions, this one hooked man in such a manner that he is now completely immersed into it. The advantages provided by the new media makes people forget about the traditional media. Some of the advantages that social media provides are;


The communication process is said to be completed only when the listener’s feedback is received by the speaker. New media makes this possible. It helps to create, maintain and sustain two way conversation with the public. Unlike, traditional media like television and radio, social media are able to know the viewpoints of the public. Even though, mediums like newspaper and television reach a mass audience, the feedback from the audience is limited.


New media has the unique ability to publish information as soon as they happens. Traditional media, especially newspaper cannot inform every information instantly. Television and radio can have immediacy compared to newspaper. But it cannot be matched with online media. Today, any event happened in any part of the globe can be viewed live by everyone.


The incorporation of multimedia elements is another advantage of online media. Unlike radio, magazines and newspapers, this new media comprises of text, images, video, audio, pictographs, charts and symbols. This wide variety of tools help in effective and essential communication.


Almost all the traditional media including television, newspaper, radio and magazines share information and messages only under a specific geographical area. The coverage of these media are limited within a particular area. But new media has coverage over worldwide. Once any information or message is uploaded in the online media, it is accessible to everyone in the globe irrespective of their place.


The production cost is very expensive in the case of traditional media, especially television. Too many crew members are involved in the making of advertisements and other videos in television. It is very costly to run a newspaper either. Collection of paper, production of newspaper and distribution takes lot of effort and money. Social media/new media is very cost effective compared to these. It doesn’t require any raw materials and manual efforts. Everything is done virtually. Hence, this medium can be considered as cost effective.


People are not interested any every information that surrounds them. Television and newspapers provide every information. It is very hard for the audience to find what he wants to read. He will be bombarded with too many information. But new media gives the option to get a specific area of interest. People can simply search about the information that he/she would like to read. The new media also provides links and hyperlinks which help the audience to know more about that particular content.

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