Role of media in today’s World.

In today’s world, media has become as necessary as food and clothing. It has played a major role in strengthening the community. The media is seen as the “mirror” of today’s society, infection, is the media thing that sets our lives on fire.

The purpose of the media is to inform people of current, up-to-date news and to tell the latest gossip and fashion. It tells us about people who were geographically divided.

The role of the media has been one way of marketing and marketing products and discrimination. The media claim to be governed by justice and equality, but greed and self-enrichment have not diminished its beauty.
Media in possession of:
1 information
2 education
3 entertainment
4 ads
5 community meeting

The organization is influenced by the media in many ways. It is the media of assistants that help them find information on many things and build ideas and make decisions about various problems! It is the media that keeps people updated and informed about what is happening around them and the world. Everyone can find something in it.

The media has had a devastating effect on generation, especially since, adolescence is highly influenced by the media. Young people and children want to follow the people, who see themselves and do what they do to be noticed. At one point, they focused on the negative part of the media and tried to be part of it. However, many are not defeated by criminal life!

These are things that come to young people’s minds!

The media influence people’s opinion. Many media interventions are all a matter of concern. The media can be considered the “watch dog” of political freedom. Over the years, the media’s emphasis on the news has come. The media these days, they try to watch the news, which can help them sell the information collected around the world, so that they can make way for the success and fame of their channels. Fm radios, newspapers, information available on the net and television are many telephones that work to reduce the communication gap between listeners, viewers and the media world. Because of society and marketing, important statistics, their lifestyles are often directed. Insignificant and meaningless stories, often insignificant, are given first and foremost for one reason or another, they enter the minds of viewers and in many ways, important political, economic and social issues are ignored and little by little, they lose their value!

There is no doubt that the media has played a major role in making the world a global village and narrowing the gap between people living in remote areas but unfortunately, the media is now a FINANCIAL SECTOR, hearing hot news and barriers to sales.

I believe, if the media expresses its responsibility and works with integrity and honesty, then it can serve as a great force in nation building.

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