Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is one the most serious problems in the country. The use of intoxicants is old practice. People in every part of the world have been using intoxicants in one or other form. In olden times, this practice was mostly adopted but nowadays people make this trend within parties and clubbing. And as time passed life became MORE complex and complicated and use of intoxicants went on increasing. With the progress of science, new types of intoxicants were introduced in the market and in today’s time you can find a large variety of intoxicants drinks and various other intoxicants are readily available in the market. Use of intoxicants and drugs has become so common that it has been a worldwide problem. All rich or poor are so much indulged in this practice that they even forget about their health and life. The poor people have some different problems like problems of food, clothing, and housing etc.and due to this they start indulging into various intoxicants. On the other hand, rich ones have made this trend look super cool by taking these intoxicants drugs and drinks in their parties. The situation is quite alarming. A survey was recently conducted in some universities in India to check and findings were staggering. Drug addiction is catching hold of young boys and girls in big cities especially like Mumbai, pune, Delhi and universities and colleges of the country. Hostels of boys and girls are becoming homes of these drug addicts.

Basically, the use of drugs has come from west of India. Most of the students start taking drugs as a matter of fashion or for thrill but later they cannot stop their use. The market is flooded with different types of intoxicants. Most of these are taken to produce sedation or under strict medical observation and care. But young boys and girls start taking them without medical advice. Most of these who start taking drugs are unemployed youth or frustrated with some other complications in life or social or family problems.

It is the duty of the government to make study of various pros and cons of the problem. Sale of drugs which are open in the market should be banned. The problem of unemployment should be tackled sincerely and taken on priority basis. Some sort of guidance and counseling should be held in universities only to provide advice to the frustrated youth of the country. Various social and voluntary organizations should take steps to maintain this nuisance. The government should use all advertising media to educate people about harmful effects of intoxicating drugs. Medical aid should be provided to those who are badly suffering from this problem. Moral education should be introduced in schools and colleges. All foreigners who visit India and encourage the use of drugs should be put behind the bars.

All these steps can help the country from menace of this drug addiction. In India, this disease is still in a state of infancy but if proper precautions may not be taken then it may take the form of epidemic. We must see the writing on the wall and net before it is too late.

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