How to Keep your Homes Virus-Free after Covid-19 Outbreak

Nobody was expecting to be one day locked in their homes and worrying about keeping the virus at bay. Untill the vaccines are out we have to take certain serious measures to ensure the safety of our family and loved one’s.

Is cleaning like we usually did enough? What can a common man do without the high tech protective gears?

Let us break down some steps which can be followed at home as a part of our daily routines to not only clean but also disinfect :

Food and it’s cleaning procedure:

Nowadays with online shopping of essentials, we must make sure that the vegetables and fruits are disinfected. We must transfer the eatables into a dish and wash off the container immediately. If it is a disposable container, throw it in the trash can which should have a lid. Remove and throw away outer cartons of cereal boxes. All unnecessary shrink wraps and plastic packaging must be disposed off. Beverage bottles and cans can be wiped with disinfectant. Fresh vegetables and fruits must be thoroughly rinsed under a running tap, preferably with warm water and salt and turmeric. Wash your hands with soap and water once you are done. One can also keep certain items in sunlight to naturally kill some germs under the Uv rays.

Washing clothes after returning home:

Warm water destroys germs. So, use the warmest water appropriate for the fabrics you are washing. Use a generous amount of detergent or soap along with disinfectant liquids likke Dettol/ Savlon. Allow the clothes to dry fully, either in the dryer or outside on a clothesline in the sun. All of the above steps are necessary to fully exterminate the virus. Remember to disinfect the laundry bag as well. And wash your hands with soap immediately afterwards.

Disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched:

Surface that are touched very frequently like door knobs, door edges, handrails, light switches, kitchen and living room surfaces, mobile phones, earphones, remote controls, wallets, toilet seats, taps, tables and chairs should be cleaned one a week or even more frequently.

If the surface is too grimy, you first want to clean it with soap and water. Use a clean piece of cloth or a kitchen sponge wipe. Then wipe the surface with a disinfectant wipe or a disinfectant solution that has at least 70% alcohol. You can also use bleach. One cup of bleach mixed with five gallons of water is suitable for non-wood surfaces. For wooden surfaces, a solution of white vinegar and water works well.

The disinfected surface needs to dry naturally. Do not quickly wipe it dry. Most disinfectants need to stay wet on a surface for at least a few minutes in order to be effective. We suggest using a wipeable waterproof cover for your phone. It will be easier to disinfect and there’ll be less chance of the disinfect damaging the device.

Cleaning of floors and walls of the House:

Even if you are not using a vacuum cleaner, you can manually sweep and mop the floor with disinfectant. Pay special attention to high-traffic zones like porches, hallways, lobbies, kitchens and corridors. You want to clean the floor in these places more thoroughly. Make this an everyday habit and if you go outside then twice a day is highly recommended.

What to do if you come home from outside:

When you come home from outside, you bring a lot of germs into the house on your clothes, shoes and bags. As soon as you enter the house, remove your shoes and overcoat at the door. Leave your bags in a corner and head straight to the bathroom. Wash your hands, face and other exposed parts with water and soap. Next, disinfect your bags and the things you have brought home. You can use wipes or simply wash them with soap water. You can also sun them out as heat is known to kill coronavirus.

These are some of the few things you can do to make sure you and your family stay safe and healthy through this pandemic.