AI and ADs!

Summarizing Artificial Intelligence – If you ask 50 various professionals what artificial intelligence is, you’ll possibly get 50 different opinions. But one simple definition comes from Demis Hassabis, CEO of DeepMind, an AI startup acquired by Google. According to Hassabis AI is the “science of making machines smart.” We can give machines the potential to see, hear, speak, move, and write. Of course, we can make them learn and improve themselves. The best example is Alexa. This virtual voice makes predictions on its own. Science geeks who loved the AI technology in the series of Iron Man which made this movie much popular. Also, the AI technology in the series of End-Game (Jarvis, Vision) made the movies a “buster hit”.

Advertising and Artificial Intelligence.

AI creating virtual models for advertising and fashion. A Japanese company named DataGrid developed high-resolution images that can be used as virtual models. Their deep learning algorithm could develop a body that does not exist using Generative Adversarial Networks(GAN). It supported full-body visualization with complete hair, face, and can be used by fashion sites without paying the models. Artificial Intelligence instructs how your funding gets used, who sees your ads, and how beneficial your overall campaigns are. For example Facebook ads, you would have come up with popping ads asking for feedback. Ad frequency and relevance score are key pieces of data that Facebook’s algorithms use-without human involvement-to dictate how much you pay and how your ads are displayed. Advertisers’ campaign performance and budget effectiveness are likely authorized by the complex interplay of data points used in the AI systems that energize today’s ad exchanges. 

  • Optimize budget targeting – Artificial intelligence tools exist today that can automatically optimize advertising spend and targeting. AI can process your ad spend and targeting data, look at your results, then learn what actions (spending changes, targeting changes, etc.) will generate better performance.
  • Ad creation and management – Creating ad, managing, and building ad campaigns also uses AI. AI-powered tool Phrasee actually writes Facebook and Instagram ad copy for you, from scratch, and the ads are developed to convert into clicks based on what’s done in the past. The tool gets better over time on its own, as it learns from each new ad what language directs the better performance. Other AI-powered tools also help in saving time in overall ad campaign surveillance.

“That’s where we stand in the AI today”.

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