I watched as my sister knelt down beside me
Tears running down her face calm face
I watched as she gently raised me up to her chest and the loud scream coming out from her mouth
People ran past us to hide for their dear lives
Then she detached me from chest and place my head on her lap
Gently rub my face with her hand and tears continue to flows down like a waterfall
My lifeless body on her lap and keep saying words but she seems not to care
And suddenly she start singing calling out my name softly
I could remember the song, our parents sings the song a lot to us
“Oh Dil-ara!! You are bold, you are beautiful,oh my Dil-ara! If the stars were your dream,I will give you my whole sky,oh my little princess”
Just then,her breath caught in her throat and the tears continue to stream down
People keep running to hide
But my sister is here with my lifeless body
A body that knows no wounds nor pain
Seeing with me, I believe that her love is so boundless towards me.

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