A resplendent town with the Ram Mandir as its crowning jewel to be made

Along with the Ram Mandir, a resplendent town is said to be built in the 70 acre premises as said by the Shree Ramjanmbhoomi Teerth Chhetra Trust.

The town will be decorated with a ‘Satsang Bhavan’, ‘Laser Show depicting Ramayana named HANUMAN MUKTAKASH’ and a massive mess alongwith the Ram Mandir which will be 161ft. tall and will have a support of 318 pillars with 6 domes. The 70 acre premises will also have restrooms and washroom facility for accomodating 1lac people.

For the devotees, a centralised water filter plant, multi-level parking would be set up. The whole area is said to be lighted with the help of solar panels.

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