Delhi CM reduces VAT on diesel

The Delhi Government has decided to cut down the price of diesel by Rs8.36 after reducing VAT (Value Added Tax) from 30% to 16.75%.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal stated this in a Cabinet Meeting held on Thursday. Now, the price will be Rs. 73.64 thereby reducing the previous rate by Rs. 8.36 .

Kejriwal also said that they are facing a serious economic problem in Delhi and will be able to manage the economy with the help of the general public.

With global oil markey stable for the past few days, the consumers in India have been spared of a price rise of auto fuels for the 4th consecutive day. The price of Petrol is Rs. 80.43/litre in Delhi. The oil companies have indicated that there can be some increase later this week or early next week but would be marginal.

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