Hollywood star’s unique deal

Tom Cruise Celebrates Universal Picture for a Budget of 1500 Crore, Mega Deal on Zoom Call

Hollywood star Tom Cruise has convinced Universal Picture for a mega project. The special thing is that the script of the film is not even in the hands of Tom Cruise, but for this film to be shot in space, Cruise has prepared a universal picture to spend $ 200 million i.e. about 1500 crores. Universal Picture has signed this mega budget deal zoom call with Tom Cruise.

According to reports, apart from Tom Cruise, writer-director Doug Lehman, collaborator Christopher McQuire and producer PJ van Sandvik were present on the zoom call. Elon Musk will also be involved in this project through his Space X firm. McQuire, director of Mission Impossible 5, 6 and 7, will play the story adviser and producer. At the same time, Lehman is working on writing the script of this film. Lehman has worked with Cruise in successful films such as Edge of Tomorrow and American Made.

Shooting for Mission Impossible begins
Cruise recently resumed shooting for Mission Impossible 7, which was halted due to Corona. It is being told that the crew of the film are planning to blast an actual bridge in Poland for an action scene. This bridge was built in 1909 in the village of Pilshovish, Poland. It has not been in use since 2016. Therefore, it will be used for shooting.

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