Possible steps to deal with slums in india

Slums have constituted an integral part of India’s urban landscape. Many people who migrate from villages to towns in search of better income opportunities stay in slum colonies for the lack of a better alternative. Slum-dwellers stay in shanty structures in an unhygienic environment, as formal housing is unaffordable and much beyond their income levels. There is no electricity, running water or sanitation in these slums.
Affordable, low cost and planned housing will contribute immensely in this regard. This, in turn, will bring about a marked improvement in health and hygiene of the residents as well as raising the level of public hygiene. Another important aspect is availability of sustained employment opportunities for the slum people. Once a steady flow of earnings is maintained rather than ad-hoc menial work, one can hope for a quality of life far better than that in slums. All these steps in conjunction with long-term steps to decentralise economic activities will help a great deal in slum rehabilitation.

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