Effect of media on today’s youth

Media is misleading today’s youth. It has become a very powerful mode of disseminating information. Youth is exposed to a lot of unwanted information at a very young age. This is adversely affecting their mentality and psychology. They get distracted and, without analysing the whole scenario, grasp things according to their convenience. Social Media is the most powerful mode of the media, as it reaches every home. It is because of Social media that our youth is getting attracted to Western culture and forgetting their own rich values and culture. Also, too many options and distorted information in many forms of media confuse them in making decisions in life. People should check and think thorough before posting anything. Other forms of media should also understand their responsibility and use their liberty to guide youth instead of misleading them. Media is a pillar on which rests the progress of any society. Thus, its power should be positively harnessed to reap the maximum benefits for all.

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