Tamil Nadu village goes without streetlights for 35 days to make home for bird and its chicks

A. Karuppuraja, a student of Pothakudi village said that a common switchboard near his house has the switches for all the 35 streetlights.

“When the lockdown began, I saw a bird filling the box with straw and leaves, when I looked into it, I could see 3 greenish-blue eggs with spots,” said the 20 y/o.

The village youngsters had a common WhatsApp group called Pottakudi Ilaingnargal Kuzhu. Karuppuraja shared the bird story and all the 35 members decided to ensure the bird nested in peace for the eggs to hatch.

The group members went around the village convincing the nearly 100 households to refrain from switching the streetlights til the nesting period gets over. H. Kaleeswari, the President of Panchayat joined in too.

“Some readily agreed. Others called it stupid to switch of light for a small bird. But we managed to convince everyone and the entire village has gone without streetlights for 35 days now,” said N. Muruganantham, a villager.

The villagers said that they would clean the box and restore the power once their “winged visitors” leave.

For now they are managing with the help of torches and flash lights from mobile phone to continue their routine.

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