OK GOOGLE!! “IMAGES OF INDIA FARMER” The moment you say these words on the Google search engine, you will have a list of images. ‘A lean farmer sitting on a land affected by drought, his hand on the head, waiting for rain! You will never have an image of a farmer with a smile and greenery around him. This is what are see an Indian farmers as. Now, again if you say OK GOOGLE!! “images of an American farmer” You will get images which are exactly opposite to that of the Indian farmer, i.e., hectares of green crops, cars, bungalows, barns, soils, combine, tillers etc….

This is how the world of an Indian farmer differs from that of a US farmer. When will we be able to see an Indian farmer in such a condition? Is it impossible? The present condition tells us that the possibility of such an occurrence is very remote. So it is our duty to make the farmers live in such a condition they are financially strong.

An average Indian farmer toils his sweat and works hard day and night, but what does he get in return? Not enough to meet his needs. Farmers take loan to cultivate their crops but when they are indebted to someone and unable to repay the loan, they hang themselves. The government clears that loan but forces them to take loans again next year. This is the reality. When will he be able to stand self-sufficient to lead a good life? Now a question to all the readers: “Will any girl who is educated be ready to marry a farmer”? No, not at all. Even if she is ready, her parents will never allow her to. Why? It is just because they think his life is full of hardships, never has he led a life on a flowered path. On the contrary, his life is a life on a bed of thorns. This is what we think.

Now, if you ask any kid, “What is your dream, when you grow up?” the answer you get is “a doctor, or an engineer”. You will never hear the word ‘farmer’ as people know the hardships of a farmer’s life. This condition should change: the farmers should lead the nation’s economy. We just say that farmers are “the backbone of our nation”, but the backbone is about to break. It is our duty to protect them. A day should arrive when we see farmers travel in cars and irrigate through planes. BUT WHEN?

Jai Jawan!! Jai Kisan??

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