There is a mindset commonly known as resilience. Resilience means when a person can recover from hardships and turn the difficult times into the favorable ones. This is a virtue which can change a person’s outlook and the way to handle strenuous situations. The resilient people have the capacity to be calm in types of stressful situations and can balance circumstances which have the power of going out of hand. They can nurture a positive point of view and can handle pressure in all kinds of conditions constructively. We all can nurture and grow the habit of being resilient to be prepared for all hardships and overcome it with a smile by practicing seven skill sets.

The first skill that we have to upgrade in us is knowing your true self as it helps us in evolving our inner confidence and helps us in growing us from inside. When we have our confidence with us, we can handle any situation without a problem. There are many researches done in this area that with confidence it’s a play task to overcome any problem and recover from it. When we become well aware of ourselves and learn to handle and deal with stressful situations, we can tone our resilient nature for the better future.

The second skill is to feel that our body and mind is one. Many people are born resilient, it is their innate nature but those who are not born it they can acquire it by healing our minds and strengthening our bodies as when we have to find a hard situation our body and mind works together. If they do so or there is less coordination between them then it becomes more and more difficult to tame the situation. If the body is in pain then the mind also gets panic commands and forgetting that they have to fight the situation, they start succumbing to it. To become resilient, we have to keep our body fit by giving it dosage of a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle can be attained by keeping check on eating, sleeping and exercising activities. We have to keep every lifestyle activity in balance. 

The third skill set is adopting change with an optimistic attitude. To be flexible from inside is one of the essential parts of being resilient. To respond to any plight of life, we should learn to become adaptable in all the situations. As when we become adaptable, we would be able to accept the hardships and turn the crisis into a positive opportunity to evolve into a much better personality. Those who can thrive in adverse conditions and branch the adverse condition into a brand-new path which leads to success. When many people succumb to these situations and put themselves in a dark hole because of it, resilient people focus on overcoming the situation with better outcomes. As they are wired in such a way that they never give up. They are optimistic and always have that hopeful perspective. Being positive or hopeful doesn’t mean that they ignore the problem but they have a clearer understanding of the situation and understand that these hardships are an inevitable part of life. They have the ability to fight with the situation, it may look a difficult skill to attain, but we can practice it by thinking positively and keeping a mindset that everything on this earth is temporary so as the challenging situation present in front of us. Then we also will be able to combat with the obstacles of life without any inhibition.

 The fourth skill set is nourishing our minds and stabilizing our minds. To improve resilience ability, we have to maintain nourishment of the body and balancing mind. When we are in a stressful situation our mind sends a message to the body to fight the situation by using the available resources and protecting us from critical situations. If the person won’t have enough stamina then fighting any situation is a dream but those with good coordination between body and mind will thrive in the situation. We should make time from our daily life to self-nurture us by engaging us in activities which we like. In this way our body and mental health will boost and will be ready to face any obstacle of life.

The fifth skill set is to build our relationships within the real world. We should give out time to maintain our social network to enhance resilient ability. As today, in present times, we give more time to social media by being fake and expressing only those feelings which are worth presentable and hide from real relationships. We don’t have to hide our true self as our family members, real friends won’t have a problem accepting that real nature. So, it is really necessary to indulge in healthy relationships and increase our resilient nature. When real relationships support us in mastering resilience, sham of social media relation puts a breakdown on it.

The skill set which we have to observe next is keeping the goal in life. As setting goals, keeps our minds engaged and in check to overcome any problem. We are hardwired to cross any hardship if we have a purpose in our life. Purpose instills a fuel in us to fight with any situation and grab that goal. We can keep our mind on track by practicing meditation in our daily life as it makes our mind clear and we become more aware of our capabilities and how to cultivate them in mastering resilience.

The last but not the only skill set which we have to adapt in our lifestyle is savouring the journey when achieving resilience. It is a long process and takes time to take shape. So, it is mandatory for us to not be discouraged if we can still not overcome the stressful situations and turn it into a positive opportunity. To attain resilience, we don’t have to follow any set pattern but when we are in the process, we can start loving that process as when we start seeing positive change in us, we would be positively motivated by it and grow to become the most patient, resilient person. We will be able to overcome any crisis just by focusing on strengths.

Last but not the least, by becoming resilient, we would not only be able to solve our problems in a positive manner but would be able to help and serve others as well.

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