COVID-19 had made a period in each one’s life. The increase in cases could be seen in each state, this not only lead to scatter of hopes but also an internal danger is present in everyone’s mind. A quantum jump of cases from some thousands to lakhs make us realize that situation is not easy to handle for the staff working day and night in betterment of patients. The coronavirus pandemic has killed over 8.08 lakhs people globally since it emerged in China late last year. Over 2.34 crore people have been infected with the novel coronavirus.

But this is not the only side of the picture, according to a report in The Indian Express, India’s COVID-19 recoveries have crossed 23 lakh and are more than three times the number of active cases of the infection in the country, while the case fatality rate, maintaining a steady downward trajectory, has further dropped to 1.85 per cent, the Union health ministry said on Monday. With 61,408 new infections reported in the country, the tally has now risen to 31.06 lakh. Of these, 23,38,036 patients have already recovered, while 7,10,771 are still active. 

If we look closer in this regard, we will able to find that things are serious but there is nothing much to get afraid about. The strength and confidence seen in patients fighting against this virus is remarkable, said a doctor. They are the hardest hitten population as they even do not get a chance to stay at their home with their families. The recovery rate in terms of health is risen at a great level. People had become more health conscious and are spreading awareness about the same.

To accelerate the process of developing and manufacturing safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines in the country that can be easily accessible and affordable for the public, a ‘Mission COVID Suraksha’ has been proposed to be set up with a corpus of nearly Rs 3,000 crore, sources said, according to a PTI report. Piloted by the Department of Biotechnology, the proposed mission will focus on end-to-end vaccine development from clinical trial stage to regulatory facilitation to manufacturing, sources added. The aim of the mission is to accelerate the development of at least six vaccine candidates and ensure that they are licensed and introduced in market for emergency use at the earliest, they said. While there is no official word on the proposed mission as yet, multiple officials confirmed that a proposal has been made. A senior official said this is still in “a proposal stage”.

This shows that although we are moving slow to fight with this virus completely but the way is not impossible. Never lose hope just stay positive and keep moving forward!

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