Life And Education

Life is too beautiful dear friends, life is the biggest university and we have to educate ourselves from it. Life teaches us tiny minute things which Eben education doesn’t teach us. But we cannot ignore education. Life without education is like a life without Charecter. Education brings meaning to life.

A person’s perspective towards life is motivated through education which he or she gains over a period of time. Education has always been a key in bringing a change in one’s life. Education should be for enlightenment of life to make it more perspective and meaningful.

Likewise, Education plays s great role in life. Getting education is very necessary to get great success and happy life. It’s just like food is necessary for healthy body. It’s very important to live a luxurious and better life. Education develops the personality of peoplez provides physical and mental standards and promoted people’s living status. It promotes social well-being for a better life.

The more knowledge we get, we grow and develop in life. Being well educated does not mean for certificate and for s good salary, education should be fired life. Education makes us good thinkers and decision makers but life teaches us to handle the situation. Education Judy gives us knowledge: life gives us a practical knowledge. Life teaches beautiful lessons in each situation. Education should not be making money instead should be man making.

Nature is a good teacher. Education is a never ending process. Learning process continues throughout our life. For s better life we have to get good education. Not only what we learn in school that matters because we have many examples who are not educated from great university have got biggest success in life. It might be Bill Gates or Steve Jobs etc,. As Einstein says, “Not that everything counts can be counted and not everything that counted truly counts….. I retreat.”

To lead a great and successful life let us enjoy each and every situation of life. See friends, when you are educated you can educate others which is as good as giving life to others. Education always guides a person to face day-to-day challenges. It’s only asset which cannot be stolen by others. So let us start to learn from small-small things in life.

There are people who made life out of education there are others who have made their life as material for education. So life and education go together hand-in-hand. The journey by the way, birth and death is called life. Ironically we know something about birth and death, from education we are failing to understand what is life. That’s why few question keep coming like is this life? This is how we should live?

Some say life is like a river. If that is so education should be the rain. So the river of life can flow only when there is rain of education or the life may dry up soon.

At last, “Ano bhadraha krutavoyantu vishwataha” which means let all good thought and deeds come to us from every nook and corner of the world.

Let us get education and lead a good life….

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