Wisdom of Head and Wisdom of Heart.

Wisdom of the head as well as wisdom of heart is most sought after rarities in the world. Wisdom can be linked to divine maturity that I’d gained after a lot experience. The wisdom of head can be linked to short intelligence, whereas wisdom of heart can be inked to super emotional intelligence guided by intuition.

Wisdom of head is generally the rational behavior or thought which concludes the final decision based on scientific data and after analyzing all the pros and cons! A person with biologically-bent mind always prefer wisdom of head before performing any action or drawing any conclusions. This can also mean that wisdom you can attain with your conscious part of your soul. The thoughts you are building in your life about yourself about the people and the world in general.

Wisdom of heart is completely emotion or intuitive in nature. You do what you believe right or what your inner feeling is telling you. You do not care to analyse it’s pros and construction logically before performing the task. This is not necessary wrong. Wisdom of heart means wisdom of your higher self. It is the voice of pure positive higher self speaking to you through conscience and intuition. When you experience a bad feeling, you have negative emotions. You have formulated consciously and subconsciously negative thoughts. The higher self is guiding you with this bad feeling, to signal you to change your thought from negative into positive to feel good again. This is one of the guidance in life that we have to stay on the pure positive path in life. Many have lost touch with this wisdom.

Wisdom of heart some time may well agree with the wisdom of head also but sometimes it seems to contradict. Though emotional nature is generally considered as stupidity in our calculated life style, it has its down value. Sometimes wisdom of heart comes out to be the winner when all head thinkers bang their head……

In this what the writer had brought is he has conflicts between the Heart and the Head. The head always speaks about the things that are not emotionally attached, which have no connection with the emotions.

The descision you take, the choice you make can be of both types but more often than not it will be in the form head, and when it comes to heart your heart does not calculate, manipulate or extract the finance, texts and results rather that it follows your intuition [you heart is nowhere related], your thoughts you will do to something, to go and ask about something.

Sometimes people say, “Take your brain your head with heart”.

But I think heart and emotions can never be wrong. If your heart is as pure as bliss of the sunshine then it will teach it’s pure nature and if your head is out of all the negative thoughts of your own egoistic, greedy and negative ego perspective and tends to grow above the negatives of life, formulating pure positive thoughts in good and bad situations, it will be good for you for all people in the world and good for nature also.

This is the truth, nothing more and nothing less – you can reject it or accept it. It is yout choice after “There is wisdom of heart and wisdom of head”.

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