Screening Tuberculosis Patients for COVID-19 Necessary.

Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has announced that all the tuberculosis patients have to be screened for COVID-19 and vice-versa according to the new guidelines. People having ILI (Influenza Like Illness) or Severe Acute Respiratory Infections (SARI) will be screened for Tuberculosis and COVID-19 as these two diseases share common symptoms mentioned above. 

The guidelines came in the view that since COVID-19 came into existence an overall decline by 26 percent in Tuberculosis was seen as compared to previous year. There have been many studies which indicate that COVID-19 patients showed significant symptoms of Tuberculosis in them which ranges between 0.37- 4.47 percent. There were some studies which showed that there was activity of Tuberculosis symptoms in the patients which is really a twofold risk factor for the patients. 

Now, the patients who are diagnosed with Tuberculosis and COVID-19, will undergo two treatments at a time. The ministry has also asked the governments to facilitate the centers where a patient can go undergo medication for both for better management of patients. 

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