Government Jobs vs Private Jobs

Completed Graduation? Applying for a job as a fresher, It’s a tough job, isn’t it? Yeah, it is. But It’s not as tough as it sounds. With proper work routine and awareness, you can land a job in a no time, that too of your interest. So it’s time to select the proper Job sector in which you want to get the job.

We can trace the history of this conflicted opinion between public and private sector jobs all the way back to the age prior to the 1980s. In those days, the only source of employment for the people in the average middle-class family who were moderately educated was the public or the government sector.

In 1980’s there were hardly any private sector jobs. The private sector had not yet thrived in India during those days and there was the minimal or negligible contribution towards the GDP of the country.  So, the government was their only and last source of hope, they clung to it with all their might and thus, job security became a priority.
Till this day Indians still prefer government over private jobs.

Every Job Sector has a Pros and Cons. Similarly, Government Sector and Private Sector have their own Pros and Cons. So let’s discuss on Pros and Cons of the Government and Private Sector in detail.

  1. Recruitment Process / No of Vacancies – Government Jobs vs Private Jobs

Many people would assume, there is large no of Job Vacancies available in the private sector due to the rise in the industries being set up. But the fact is Government Jobs also increased in the same Pace.

Almost all the Central Government Companies, State Government companies, PSUs (Public Sector Units) Recruit the Graduates throughout the entire year by releasing the official Notifications which clearly authorize the total number of vacancies available, where as in private sector we will not have any exact number of vacancies available.

The Major difference between Government and Private Sector is Recruitment Process. Government Sector Jobs can be grabbed through the Competitive Exams. Where as in the Private Sector Jobs, recruitment Process varies from Company to Company.

  1. Flexible Working Hours – Government Jobs vs Private Jobs

Generally, people assume, Private Jobs especially Software/IT Jobs have more options on Flexible working Hours when compared to Government Sector Jobs. In fact, it’s true. But in reality, Fixed working hours have more advantages than Flexible Working Hours.

Fixed Working Hours always allow us to plan things correctly. So by Completing the work on time, you can always leave early and plan your evenings with your family or do some hobby things, etc. In Private Sector, people expect more than what you can accomplish, so obviously, you have to go for long working hours.

  1. Salary Packages – Government Jobs vs Private Jobs

Unlike old days, packages of Government posts are competing with the private sector Jobs. Government Jobs have an advantage of perks like DA, HRA, TA, Medical(ESI) etc.. Along with this, you will be eligible for pension also which makes govt Job more attractive than private jobs.

The employees in PSUs are well paid and they get residential accommodation along with medical and other government entitled benefits. on another hand, private Sector jobs also have high packages, but they have a drawback like pension and performance based hikes.

  1. Government Jobs Vs. Private Jobs – Job Security & Promotions

If you are working for a private sector, you need to upgrade your skillset continuously to survive and perform better. If you don’t perform well and give the best performance, you may get fired at any time. Where as in government jobs, once you have secured the job, it offers security till the time of retirement unless you do illegal things using govt Job.

All Indian private jobs especially software industry depends on the market of other countries. So private companies downsize their workforce as per their requirement. Where as the Govt Sector Jobs will be there forever.

The Private jobs offer more Hikes/promotions but it would be based on the performance where as in government jobs, you are not promoted unless you clear internal exams.

  1. Government Jobs Vs. Private Jobs – Holidays

The government offices have a large number of public and national holidays India. Along with these, you will also get local festival holidays. Where as in Private Sector, there would be only limited no of holidays and may not get holidays on all local festivals.

As the private sector includes MNC’s which are based in foreign countries, they don’t offer all the Indian public holidays. But you will get 20+ Paid leaves per year which you can utilize when required.

  1. Government Jobs vs Private Jobs – Work Pressure

Unlike the old days, government Jobs also involved a lot of work these days. So in terms of work pressure, both have the same level of work stress.

In the government sector, the work load is distributed officially. So once you are able to finish your work load, you are Free. Where as in private sector, you will have tremendous pressure and need to share the work with others in order to meet deadlines. The Banking Sector is almost same as Private Sector Jobs. Nowadays bank employees also having tremendous pressure due to Changes/digitalization in the banking sector.

  1. Government Jobs Vs Private Jobs – Benefits & Perks

Each Sector has their own benefits and perks.

Government Sector has pensions, concessions at Government entities like Railway Pass, Medical facilities at Public Hospitals. Getting loans is easy for Government Employees.

Where as a Private Sector Jobs have huge no of benefits. In Private sector, you get frequent reimbursements, outings, office snacks and paid holidays. Along with these, you will be a chance to work in Foreign countries like USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Singapore, UAE etc..This makes IT/Software Jobs more attractive than government Jobs.

  1. Government Jobs Vs Private Jobs – Growth

The Private Sector provides more opportunities to learn new technologies, concepts and implement ideas. Where as in government sector you will have limited opportunities to learn new things.

  1. Nature and Scope – Government Jobs Vs Private Jobs

Unlike Private Sector, Government Jobs like Army, Navy, Air Force involves highest risk factor but it gives immense satisfaction as a citizen of India by showing your patriotism towards Nation. Other Government / Private Jobs involves a fixed process to carry out various operations and jobs.

  1. Government Jobs Vs Private Job – Competition

Government Jobs have more competition than the Private Sector Jobs. Most Central Government Jobs are open for candidates to apply from all over the country. So there will be huge competition even if there is single Job Vacancy.

Govt Jobs involves caste based reservation system. All Vacancies in the Government organizations are equally distributed among OBC, SC, ST and General Candidates. So General Candidates have to face more competition for grabbing the government Job.
Where as in private Sector Jobs, it’s quite opposite. You Need to crack a lot of Interview rounds like Written Test (Technical and Logical thinking), Technical Interviews, Technical interview tasks, HR Interviews etc. Even in Private Sector also we have huge competition. But the probability of getting a job here is more and soon.

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