Because I have never tried this before

During the days of my university, I am quiet famous for anchoring. People say that I got a nice tone of speaking. People get attached to the way of speaking. But trust me I had no idea of this side of mine.

One day my seniors, told me to host a university programme. I was literally scared and was thinking that how shall I do this. Because I have never tried this before. No formal training I took and neither was given to me. So with a little scared face, I went to practice for the programme. Full of audiences, faculties and my seniors, I was shocked and was in great thought how to begin and what to say.

The faculties said to start what I have prepared for the fest introductory speech. I started the speech by thinking that nobody is present in the auditorium and nobody will laugh or humiliate me if I cannot do. Because people are not perfect all the time. By the time I ended up with my speech, the whole auditorium was silent and seniors gave a me look that oh my god, what you have done? You cannot be very bad. I was like, now I am going to get a nice scolding from everyone.

Trust me, the moment I was coming down the stage, everyone with around of claps said me ‘You nailed it dear’. I could not believe that what did I do? I means how come everyone was so happy? I never faced camera and nor media. So that was another fear that I had. I overcame it also. The media and camera facing me was praising me for what I did. I was happy.

It was very difficult for me to begin, I still I managed. My mind was full of negative thoughts. But what I spoke was from mind and I did not allow any distraction to enter while delivering the fest introduction speech. It happened all from within.

I was from the beginning taught to do perform things in a certain techniques. The society used to judge me on me performance. They told me to follow certain idols and to become like them. To me leaders are not made but are born. I too have my own way of living. The thing that I cannot do or do not have interest to do can never be forced up on me.

Creativity has its own way of thinking and we all have to nurture that creativity within us. It comes from within you. The secret of work lies in the carelessness of your work not in the carefulness of the work. When you are careless, your mind gets diverted, and you can perform the work all from within.

All you have is YOU inside yourself, your own charms and capability comes from within. You become the ruler of your own mind.

There will not be the fear of loosing, there will also not the fear of who is saying what. The entire thing is done very smoothly and mindlessly. This is how my masterpiece was created. I am now the most wanted anchor in my university. I know my weak point and my strength.

When you get lost, when your mind is not within yourself, your masterpiece appears. Creating your masterpiece by disappearing yourself.

— Nikita

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