Benefits of reading a book

Reading can easily become the most favourite recreational activity of children and even adults. One who reads often finds a friend in books. Some of the benefits of reading are-
1)Enriches vocabulary- the habit of reading enriches your vocabulary stock. Reading different books of different genres helps to build up your stock of vocabulary, ultimately helping you write better and become more creative. If you love creative writing, then the habit of reading is a must.
2) Improves concentration – Since reading a book requires a person to be focused on the story to understand it better, the habit of reading, therefore, increases your power of concentrating on one activity for a longer time. It helps in sustaining your focus on the story for a longer time, thus improving your concentration power which would ultimately, help you to remain focused on any work later.
3) A window to experience a new world- reading a variety of books makes you experience a world very different from yours. It thus acts as a window to experience an unseen, unknown world.  You get to learn about people, places and events outside your own experience. Reading thus, altogether transports you to another world. Not physically ofcourse!
4) Refreshes mind- reading a good book or a self-help book when you feel low, or depressed helps you to cope up with your situation and instantly puts you in a better mood. Reading a thriller when you are bored would refresh your mind and would also help you escape from your reality for a while. It acts as the best way of escapism. Try it and see it for yourself!
5) Reading develops empathy- the more you read literary fictions, the more you would find yourself in the story. Some characters would seem relatable to you while other characters would make you empathise with them. Reading is a completely enlightening experience at times as you begin to understand the writer’s perspective, feel the emotions of the characters presented in the story and flow with the narrative like the events are actually happening in front of your eyes. Reading thus increases your power to empathise with others and also broadens one’s imagination.
  Reading is, therefore, a fun activity altogether. People who rarely read books are missing a lot in their life. Next time you feel bored or depressed just get a book and start reading, you’ll find your mood automatically shifting. You won’t regret reading for sure! So what are you waiting for? Grab a book today and start reading it. Make it a habit to read at least one book per week. Have fun!