IPL 2020: CSK going through rough phase.


Milestone for Raina playing for CSK

Back to back bad news for Chennai Super Kings is not a sign of positivity just when 3 weeks are left to kick-start of IPL 2020.

On Friday yellow army got a huge blow when 13 personals from Chennai camp were tested positive for COVID-19. Two of them were the players while others were from staff of Chennai Super kings. Just after 1 day, Mr. IPL- Suresh Raina opted out of IPL 2020. Reports were stating that Raina took this decision due to Personal reasons in which increasing risk of COVID-19 played a role too. Yesterday it was reported that 2 players who were tested positive, one of them is a top order young batsman and another is an Indian seamer.

Firstly, it was said that he takes this step due to security reasons amid COVID-19. Out of other conflicts, few speculations have emerged citing the reasons of Raina missing the IPL2020. One of them is family emergency and other is about Raina being unhappy with his suite in place where CSK is staying for IPL2020 in Dubai. Reports came that veteran was unhappy with management as his room was not having proper balcony. It was rounding that he complained of not getting freshness between the scenario of Bio-secure bubble constructed around the team and management. But nothing is official as no updates been given on the recent activity yet.

Possibility of something unwell in CSK camp took a hype after the recent interview of former BCCI president N Srinivasan by Outlook. CSK owner stated that the sudden step by Raina gave a little shock to team but Ultimately Skipper Dhoni has everything under control.

“Cricketers are like prima donnas … like the temperamental actors of the olden days. Chennai Super Kings have always been like a family and all seniors players have learnt to co-exist,” said Srinivasan.

Srinivasan said the team was quickly trying to get over the Raina episode.

“My thinking is that if you are reluctant or not happy, go back. I don’t force anyone to do anything … sometimes success gets into your head,” Srinivasan said.

‘Dhoni not worried at all’

“I spoke to MS (Dhoni) and he has assured me that even if the numbers go up, there was nothing to worry. He spoke to the players through a zoom call and asked them to remain safe. You really don’t know who a passive carrier is,” Srinivasan said. He also declared it as a golden opportunity for the top order batsman “Rituraj Gaikwad” and he should be back soon after testing negative in some days. “I have got a solid captain. Dhoni is simply unfazed by anything. That is giving everyone in the team a lot of confidence,” Srinivasan said.

Srinivasan believes that Raina will want to come back.

“The season has not begun yet and Raina will certainly realise what he is missing and certainly all the money (a salary of 11 crores per season) he is going to lose,” the CSK boss said.

One of CSK source illustrated that “He is unavailable this season and that is clear from the official statement issued by the CSK. Now there are certain things that have not gone down too well with the top people. It looks highly improbable that someone who has retired and likely won’t play any cricket will come back for CSK. Maybe, he will be back in the auction and someone else might pick him,” the source said while speaking with PTI.

Suresh Raina is only behind the Indian skipper Virat Kohli in terms of Highest run getters in IPL history.32-year-old all-rounder who is also quoted as “chinna thala” by his yellow army fans, retired from international cricket along with his CSK skipper on August 15. Raina is CSK’s highest run-getter with 4527 runs from 164 IPL games. The left-hander has also scored 5368 runs in 193 matches along with 1 century and 25 odd wickets.

Above all the developments unfolding, one thing is pretty clear that it is not good news for CSK and their fans. IPL schedule has not been declared yet and it is not expected to be declared soon recently due to news of players being positive after a week period of Bio-secure bubble. It has also questioned the security and authenticity of Bio secure environment in team hotels at UAE. With a little push in practice sessions for CSK camp, IPL schedule is likely to get affected.

There is still no news on how players will travel and take tests for COVID-19 before each match or how all of this will be arranged in given time span. In UAE 2 teams are staying in Abu Dhabi while some are staying in Dubai only. But the catch here is that protocol for travelling to these cities is not same. Abu Dhabi has strict policy than Dubai of getting at least negative before 48 hours of duration. IPL is still having many things to clear as reports are coming that one of the crew members who was supposed to fly on 30th august has been tested positive. Three crews were about to fly for Broadcasting management handled by Star-sports for setup and quarantine before IPL starts.

BCCI and IPL council has been in dilemma of making a flexible schedule. For all chances like, if one team or bunch of players gets positive, schedule might be designed in a way that gives that team a time of recovery and other teams may play their other games with remaining teams. Although it’s a huge task for management to overcome all such problems and be full proof ready for anything that may fall across in 2 months of IPL season.

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