“Bollywood” lately has always been making headlines but this time for a change the news is not so heartwarming. Bollywood is India’s biggest film industry which has always caught the attention of millions of people who are or were planning to make their career in acting. The glamour world looks beautiful from the outside with new fashion trends, expensive lifestyle, etc.

However, the year 2020 which was a lot unpredictable witnessed the unfortunate demise of one the actor, Mr. Sushant Singh Rajput which has raised various enigmas regarding the functioning and clarity of this captivating world. The death talented actor has showcased the reality of Bollywood and has created a stir amongst the entire audience. Although, Bollywood actors who made it big with their hard work and dedication had previously mentioned ‘Nepotism’ as a hindrance in their path of success and did not get a proper chance to prove their abilities and skills were always taken as a joke and it is very much upsetting to see the facts that it costed the life of a remarkably skilled young actor for the public to consider this subject thoughtfully.

It has made the audience to recognize the fact that it is them who has the power, it is they who has raised them to stardom, and now it’s the audience have to chance and reason to choose what is right and the outrage of the public was much apparent in their response to the movie trailer of a popular personality as well as in the social media platforms against the product of nepotism with trending tweets like boycott Bollywood and famous actors and producer. This high profile stars almost rules this industry and who believes in “Monarchy”. Indian especially the Hindi film industry which actually should have been the platform to give an unbiased chance to showcase the capability of the nation, a stage were people with talent and interest had a chance to build their career is now almost over with this ugly truth coming into the forefront”. Being one of the most Prominent cinema industries rather than impacting the lives of millions of souls positively has on the contrast wrecked and shattered the dreams of people.

The time has come it’s not the actors or producers who have the power over Bollywood, we the audience have the power for it. The actors leading a life wearing masks are fake in real life. Even animals care for their kind but humans are just selfish and Bollywood has proven it with a hard-hitting reality. We have to choose who should shine and who should not and it’s high time, we need to make the right choice for the betterment for our future generation, and Let’s give the young talents a fair chance and bring back the glory of the industry along with the nation. This is the least we can do for SSR a tribute to him and let him live in our hearts and let’s not do a mistake again.