Books are amazing!

In today’s world, problems like stress, anxiety etc. are a common issue. Studies have found out that at an average of 10 people, 6 usually suffer from these issues. The solution? Well , a distraction. A distraction for some hours, to be free from all the notifications, the social media posts, the pending work, the recent gossip, everything. Because we all have adapted ourselves to this ‘lifestyle’ so readily that we overlooked the consequences like the mental issues we are facing today.Not only adults, but even children and adolescents! But, can you imagine a book can help you with that? No? So here are some  ridiculously amazing things a book can do!

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  • Helps with various disorders.
  • Makes your day peaceful.
  • Improves your vocabulary and pronunciation.
  • Makes one curious!
  • Increases your confidence.
  • Introduces you to various concepts and develops your imagination

•Helps with various disorders

The core principle behind reading is that it helps one to focus and think. And this is beneficial because it helps in curing of various disorders.A cognitive Neuropsychologist Dr. David Lewis stated  that reading can reduce stress levels by 68 percent. Research  has shown that reading gradually helps insomnia patients to sleep. Many people suffering with anxiety and depression, even by reading just for minimum 20 minutes everyday, helped. It may sound boring to read but when you do start, you explore so many things , imagine yourselves in God knows many world’s,

you just can’t stop!

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•Makes your day peaceful

According to a research, reading may relax one’s body by lowering his heart rate and easing his muscles. It’s because reading may include you battling  a whole army but in your mind! The 2009 study found out that reading calms your mind and lowers aggression. Books help you to think, interact and imagine infinite thoughts.

•Improves your vocabulary and pronunciation .

As you read you find out meanings of words you’ve never heard of , often helping in improving your writing skills.By doing this, you get familiar to many words and their synonyms. English is a mixture of various ancient languages, which means you also learn the origin of the words. This makes one understand various cultures and spoken languages and dialects. When you understand  a particular word, you start trying to pronounce it. Eventually you are able to pronounce difficult words easily and helps for a  fluent pronunciation .

•Makes one curious!

While reading, you might find different terms, anthologies etc. You acquire knowledge through the books. And this does not require any research, it is an experiment you can do on yourself ! We humans  love to learn, even if we deny it. Everything you do, everything you act  was through observing, examining and learning. Be it now to play video games or to read. While video games are fun to play, it makes one hard to focus when given a topic to elaborate. It makes you experience different situations, through which one inculcates it in his life as well. Curiosity may have killed the cat but satisfaction had bought it back!

•Increases your confidence.

Confidence is not procured by fairness creams, but  through your acts and work. Now that your vocabulary is increased, your words are smooth as butter and this makes you feel confident. Children stutter while reading in front of a crowd. Reading , indirectly Maidstone read in a correct grammatical order because you’ve practiced. Not only for English language ,but every language, if one practice while reading them, he is sure to add that language. Sure enough you can’t just keep reading the whole day, while that would have been great, but unfortunately ,we all have other crucial works to complete as well. But we can make it a point to read at least a paragraph from a novel, or a small  article from the newspapers/magazines. Our first step is to start reading, not just making timetables about reading on this particular time. They ended up reading nothing and wasting all the time making timetables. It’s alright if you just can’t read due to excessive work assignments, one should read according to his own speed and his own convenient time but remember to read everyday. 

•Introduces you to various concepts and develops your imagination

Books have their own hierarchy. Listed from self help to mystery, from rom-com to thriller, from action(yes they do!)

to sweet romance stories, fantasy etc. and so many authors , trying hard everyday to give you a variety of stories and so much more. Printed books are more preferred over digital reading for they provide a lesser strain on your eyes but it’s alright if you read e- books  in a limit. If you are not able to get your hands on a printed books , the e- version is always available with paid memberships. If you are looking for free books, apps like Wattpad, Radish fiction etc give you access to many interesting stories . Wattpad is also a field where you, yourself can write your own stories. Infact, many Wattpad stories are published and famous , for example The Storm and silence series by Rob Thier (comedy) , Chasing Red by Issabelle Ronin (romance) and the After series by Anna Todd (the book was  produced into a movie as well!)

(Source: Goodreads)

(Source : Goodreads)

The conclusion? Well reading helps you with many things,     but by the end of the day it’s always your choice to read. If you are looking for some book recommendations, here are some books!

  1. The mortal instruments by Cassandra Clare (fantasy)
  2. The fault in our stars by John Green (young adult)
  3.  Me before you by Jojo Mayes (drama)
  4. Mahashweta by Sudha Murthy (drama)
  5. The silent patient (mystery)

These are handful of books(not technically) but you can find millions of book recommendations on Goodreads, Pinterest etc.


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