The Power of Believing in Yourselves

Haven’t we all came across a situation in our lives that we felt like we should just give up? On an average everybody has dealt with situations like that. We all clearly know that  we don’t live in a bed of roses, we have our ups and downs in life but something that we all should follow is the magic of believing in ourselves.

We hear stories of success all the time but have anyone of you noticed something common in all of it, it was this very small and accurate thing ever. The power of believing in yourself and never giving up. People who have never stopped believing in themselves have reached heights beyond imagination. Have you all heard the story behind the author of the Harry Potter Series. J K Rowling was rejected 12 times before her novel got published and now it has become one of the highest selling books across the world. What we must notice here is the will power of J K Rowling. Getting 12 rejections never stopped her. She mailed it to many people because she believed in herself and she knew that she could change the world with her books.

Today we cannot find a person or a child who don’t know the 9 ¾ platform at Kings Cross, that was the magic she penned down. Her life story give us all the true meaning of self esteem and confidence and the will to stay strong through bad times. Not everyday will be a good one and not everyone you meet will be worthy of your trust or love but what is important is mastering the art of moving on and forgiving people by your principles.

It is human nature to naturally feel low and letting negativity in each time you fall down. We always forget about our capabilities and what we can achieve. Giving ourselves the right emotional space matters the most whenever we receive a setback. If you don’t then you will break like glass each time you fail. Nobody reaches success nor win on their first times, people work hard day and night to reach their respective goals. What is important is the strong sense of self love.

In our lives we all encounter with people who will pull us down, always keep in mind that your mind is the only thing which can bring you down. Nothing else can. So let the barking dogs bark, ignore people who pull you down and never throw stones at a barking dog, because it is always a waste of our time and energy.

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” Said Willie Nelson an American Singer. This is something that we all should take in deep consideration. It doesn’t really take much effort to think positively about ourselves, neither does it cost too.

Listening to our inner voice can always connect us back to reality because inside all of us is a person who wants to succeed and never give up. Always learn to forgive ourselves from mistakes we do rather than putting ourselves down. Self love is a choice. Own it.  

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