Benefits of jumping rope

When was the last time did you try jumping ropes? May be in your P.E classes back in school. Next,What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says exercise or training? Gym, I guess? Well, for most people losing weight and staying in shape  means hitting the gym and running miles on the treadmill. But if you want to stay fit and active, going to the gym or registering yourself for any fitness class is not always necessary. All you need is a jumping rope, free space and a little motivation. Yeah, your read it right! Well, some of the benefits of jumping ropes are-
1)  Burns calories- Did you know that only a handful of exercises burns calories as jump rope do?  Even jumping at a moderate rate can already burn upto 10-16 calories a minute. Further more skipping a rope for 10minutes, is around the same thing as running an 8-minute mile. Jumping rope is thus as intensive and effective as any other exercises could be.
2) Improves bone-density- High calcium diet is widely known to increase bone density, but so thus, jumping rope. According to studies jumping for 10mins a day can provide greater bone-building benefits than running. Even for athletes simply jumping ropes is one of the top effective exercises for boosting bone density.
3) Develops agility- if you want to move quickly and feel light on your legs, jumping rope for 1mins every day, helps you achieve that. It also helps your body connect to your mind and make neural muscular adjustments, improving your balance. It targets your calves, knees and ankle joints.
4) makes a good brain workout- one of the amazing things about jumping ropes is that it doesn’t benefit your outer appearance, but also your brain. It has  stronger impacts on your cognitive functioning by improving the development of right and left hemisphere of your brain, thus boosting your memory and mental awareness.
5) Affordable and versatile- jump rope is easy to incorporate whether in your daily morning or evening routines. Depending on your free time it can be either used as a warm up or as an intensive exercise. All you need is just a rope, sufficient space , a flat surface to ensure your smooth rhythm and footing.
  So, now are you giving jump rope a chance? I hope you are. Then, what are your waiting for? Just grab a jump rope and enjoy the workout at the comfort of your own home. Losing weight while jumping rope would be the most effective way to stay fit during this pandemic. So just get started and work for getting your desired body, today!