Amidst this deadly Covid-19 pandemic India is gearing up for conducting competitive examinations (JEE/NEET and final year examination) The commission has announced the dates for several competitive exams to be conducted in September and October. The real question is not if the students are prepared, but is India prepared for this? Despite imposing complete lock-down, especially in Maharashtra, the Covid-19 cases are increasing day by day and now the supreme court has given a verdict that exams should be conducted.This is totally unfair.There are lakhs of students who will appear for writing exams. It is not only putting students and teachers under risk but also their families. Is this worth taking the risk? Putting life under jeopardy to write exams.

The health minister is talking about taking precautions, but before that, what about people who have already been tested COVID positive? Many people are dying not because of the virus but because of a lack of proper health care facilities and treatment. No one can blame the people for raising their suspicion. With a public health care system is in a hodgepodge, many people are looking with doubt at the country’s attempts to battle with the pandemic. The lack of these stocks has decreased the Indian health care base, also, leading to an accelerated rise in COVID-19 crises in the country. At this time when even very advanced countries are striving to deal with this pandemic and due to a dense population, India’s incapacitated health care foundation is in many ways disadvantaged to deal with this pandemic. Today the record surged to 83,883 fresh corona-virus cases in the last 24 hours taking India’s COVID tally past the 38-lakh mark and Maharashtra continues to be the state hit hardest by the pandemic and followed by Delhi, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu making India top 3rd Country affected and just some numbers behind Brazil.

The government should look for another solution or option other than making students appear for the examination in centers. What is the technology for then? Competitive exams should be conducted online with certain protocols. In that way, students will not lose their one year and they will be safe, and yes even though there can be certain technical problems in conducting exams online, but this is the better option rather than going to colleges. Offline exams may act as a great threat to health since the crowd of students in huge numbers at the examination center will make them prone to getting in contact with a corona positive person. The thermal screening of all persons entering the examination hall is no remedy. Another option is to cancel the final term exams while using the average of the marks secured in earlier terms as a substitute for the final semester examination scores. The government should realize that the situation can go out of control anytime, which is evident with the day to day spike in COVID cases despite lock down and on top of that now lakhs of students have to go and write exams. The government should reconsider this decision of giving priority to examination over life.