My Body – My pride!…

Have you every watched yourself standing infront of the mirror NAKED?. I bet most of you will say No. But why?, because we never loved our body. We grew up watching people teasing and judging each other by their body shape, size and color. “Look he’s so fat, looks like a balloon”
“Hey, why do you need a table, you’ve your own belly”
“Ohh you’re so dark, nobody will marry you”
“He’s wandering without a shirt, he should’ve shaved the body hair atleast. He looks like a gorilla wandering on the beach”
“She’s wearing a sleeveless and she didn’t even shave her underarms,Eww!”
We all grew up hearing such stuff including people commenting about our eyes, nose, hair, height and even sizes of sexual parts.
This hammering since the childhood made us hate our bodies. Even if we face mirror naked by mistake, we rush to cover ourselves up, cause this feeling that we lack something, we are not good is always there in back of our mind making us hate what god has given us.
But the basic thing is people are nobody to judge you regarding your body. You can grow body fat as you want, grow body hair anywhere you want, unless and until it’s causing use some physical trouble, don’t try to hesitate loving your body. People gonna say, even if your transform yourself from fat to fit or grew hair on your head. They will always have something to say. But it’s your self confidence which will make you love your body. Just give it a try. Explore yourself. Observe every mole, every scar, every stretch mark the life gave you till now. Cry one or two times if you want, but then feel proud of yourself the way you are. You’ll definitely feel strong and your confidence will rise high. Even I’ve tried to feel myself positive towards my body. Though I haven’t succeeded in it totally but I’m sure I’ll reach there soon. The feeling of liberation when we’re confident of whatever we have inside out is what we actually crave for. That’s why I’ve so much respect for boudoir artists. I mean we don’t even dare to face the mirror and they face the camera with pride. What an amazing level of self acceptance they’ve. They accepted themselves the way they are and carry that much pride to flaunt. I even interacted with few of them and they told me how it helped them to boost their confidence, how they feel positive inside out. If they can, then we also can! And yes it’s not necessary to face the camera always. Be yourself. Take pride in it. Even if you atleast start loving your body, it’s a clear win for you. Say it with pride, I’m proud of my body and I’m not ashamed!…

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