Sex…Still a taboo?..

SEX…Oops!. I broke the stereotype of running away from this topic. Yes, even we are 130 crore population but ironically sex is still a taboo here. Generations after generations, we’ve been running from talking about sex, neither grandparents told this to our parents nor they tell us. Even a condom advertisement on the television make us feel uncomfortable just because we never talked about it. Sex is still a curiosity for a teenager. When parents and even teachers keep this as a secret, it adds into the curiosity. When a human hits puberty, it’s normal that he/she gets attracted to opposite sex, harmones rule them in this age. But the thing is nobody know the real science. So porn which is abundantly available on the internet becomes the saviour. These innocent teenagers go through such stuff and then they start exploring. The tag “relationship”works in the name of exploring the opposite sex and our body needs. In this cyclone of curiosity, things go beyond limit at times. Now the blame game begins, because whoever accepts sex as a need will be called characterless by the society. This goes to heartbreaks and emotional breakdowns. But they forget that their partner is of the same age and also learning things as you are. Now the society “4 log” will come into the picture. Everyone will judge you by all means and you’ll also try to prove partner guilty in the fear of society. The thing is these 4 long don’t even care. Our loved ones, family and friends will stay by our side.
Now here’s my question, can this be avoided?
Yes, together we can. Instead of running away from it, lets talk about it. Let’s educate ourselves and the upcoming generations rather than protest after something bad happens. Let’s not hesitate, let’s educate!…

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