Suicide is not a solution

How to cope with depression 
“depression is an invisible killer”

“Sucide is not a solution”

What happened with sushant singh rajput was a shock for all of us!! And today I want to share one more shocking fact with you.
According to World Health Organization more than 264 millon people suffer from depression all over the world,in the age groupof 15-30 suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death.Its very easy to say that “suicide is not a solution” but the fact is acccording to WHO every year more than 80,000 people commit suicide and yet we feel depression and sadness are the same.

“3 myths about depression”

1. Sadness is an adjustment disorder:
   Sadness is different from depression,sadness is something we feel when we are not comfortable. 
   Example-After living in a city for 10 years,when you shift to another city,you leave your comfort zone behind .Because you come out of your comfort zone ,you take    time to adjust to your circumstances.

2. Depression is extreme sadness:
   No,there is a difference in grief,sadness and depression.
   Grief is the direct response to loss but over a period of time grief reduces because you move on.
   An example of grief is ,the feeling that you have after you lose someone,the death of a relative.

3. depression need not have any logical reason:
   How many people you have around you, how wealthy you are,how close you are to your family,or how much your previous film earned.depression doesn’t have to be connected to any of this.
   if you are a dancer and if dancing is your passion and suddenly one day you lose this passion,you feel you have lost all your energy and this feeling lasts for a very long time then maybe you are depressed.

What is depression?
Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest.It affects your feeling,thinking and behavior and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problem.One may have trouble doing normal day to day activity and something you may feel as if life isn’t worth living.

People  consider depression as a sign of weakness but its not true.Just like other disease depression can have many different causes.One of the reason can be chemical imbalance in your brain.Many people think that people act depressed just because they want attention but its the other way around.Many people are depressed but they act happy all the time.

Positive quotes or self help books don’t cure depression. If any of your friends is seeing a therapist then please don’t judge instead,extend your support.Even being there ,being with them counts.

It’s easy to say suicide is not a solution on social media ,it’s equally easy to start a conversation on mental health because the more we talk about mental health ,the more people will understand that talking about mental health is not weakness . The more we talk about it ,the more people will understand the importance of meditation . The more we talk about it ,the more people will stop bullying and spreading hatred ,because a lot of student commit suicide and this news does not even reach us.

 So lets create an environment thats not just us but even a SUSHANT says that  suicide is not a solution!! 

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