Drinking water, or soluble chemicals.

Water, you might have known it’s value, when your are thirsty but out of water. we nearly feel like to be gonna die. For, traditional Indians, you might known it’s value when you experience sudden cutoff of water supply ,in bathroom. All of us take this important thing for granted, but if once water wants to escape from us, the screams of 1.3 billion bangs the whole world. You may wonder, why only Indians scream …….ok, before you wanna know about it, also think ; Is your drinking water safe?, hey!..don’t tell that, i’m alright from the time i have born, no problem with drinking water.

Here, i just would like to bring up some most fundamental aspects of our life, i wanna recall we aren’t so much safe and being effected by things, but we never realize until they blasts a bomb in our life. One such is, drinking water; seems to be pure in color, no visible dust particles to our naked eye, but they have already been carrying invisible toxic substances with it, and ready to destroy us slowly after getting inside of us. Most of you might not care this, and stamps this as a boring story, but never forget; your taking some chemicals at every time you have a sip, and leaving your organs as a playground for the toxics that have gone inside you, along with the water you intake.

You better know the water sewage infrastructure in india, even some have been setup for namesake. So, the only option left for us to take care of ourselves. we cannot stop the flow of untreated chemicals and industrial waste into water. sometimes, There rises a campaigns and goes to sleep within no time.

Then, how to get a solution for this problem and to have a safe drinking water. The one thing is to setup water treatment plants by forming as a community, or to use water purifiers at home, leaving no space to compromise with it’s quality, Just even getting into debt; in long run saves you from unsolvable threats. But the bitter fact is, the cost of water purification is too high. But sadly we were pretending to believe the low level mechanisms and being fooled. One such example is, at rural areas or some public water suppliers , can get a 10 litres of water for just 2 rupees, whereas the premium water brands like tata provides the purified mineral water bottle of 1 litre for 20 rupees. This scenario can make us understand , how we are being pretended that low filtered water as mineral.The looters have just redefined the meaning of name itself.

we have been facing many health issues, one of the most important is, elders are facing problems regarding bone strength and losing immunity at very mid ages. This was an indirect effect of consuming water, because there is a clear picture of releasing pollutants from industries into water, but we confine ourself it might be because of age. This gonna definitely show impact on generations, if not resolved our life span keeps on reducing untill we open our eyes.

There is a huge need for communities to come forward and have awareness about the fundamental thing of our life, and come up with a feasible solutions.