Welcoming September 2020

As the restrictions are being lifted in order to aid the degrading economy it needs to be kept in mind that the cases in India are achieving new heights.

Here are some disturbing facts before you think that this month was going to be easy on you.

1) Bill Gates is supremely confident that a new wave of cases will be seen in October – November. This might take a nasty turn as the increased rates could be blamed on protestors and these relaxations

2) China and India are prepared for a war. Both the nations have gathered their arms and ammunitions along with planning their strategies that might come in use anytime soon.

3) The increase in the incidence of earthquakes in the himalayan fault line (5.1 in Manipur recently) indicates there could be big one soon.

4) The economy is moving towards recession and will not recover any soon. This is one of the reasons of the gradual unlock happening.

5) There are possibilities of cyclones in both Eastern and Western front in the cyclone season October.

6) Food shortages most probably will happen sooner than later considering the unusual weather that has led to increase pest attacks. Those migrants who returned home due to covid outbreak thinking to take up farming have lost everything and are burdened with loans.

7) The hospital, tourism, transport industries suffer the most due to lack of mobility of people under such conditions.

8) Small businesses are being whiped out and corporate houses purchasing various businesses.

9) Crime rates are bound to increase along with suicide rates due to unemployment. 45% increase in suicide rates has already been noted.

10) Both center and state are faced with huge shortage of funds with centre refusing to pay GST compensation to states. This might lead to increased taxes.

The list goes on and on. Good days seem like a distant dream.

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