Akshay Kumar announces the launch of action game FAU-G

The Government of India has banned 118 mobile apps, including PUBG Mobile, citing data privacy, although the PC version of PUBG is yet to be banned in India. At the same time, the poster of Made in India multiplayer gaming app FAU: G has been released by none other than Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. He has given information about it by tweeting from his official account.

The action star announced the launch of Fearless And United Guard (FAU-G) — a multiplayer combat game that will be akin to PUBG. The action game is being developed under Akshay Kumar’s mentorship and is expected to be ready by October end.

The game is expected to launch at the end of October with its first-level set in the Galwan Valley backdrop followed by third-person shooting gameplay in the subsequent releases. The game will be available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.A Bengaluru based gaming publisher will soon launch a new multiplayer mid-core gaming title, “Fearless and United: Guards (FAU-G).”After Akshay Kumar announced this alternative game for PUBG, Twitter exploded with funny memes.

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