Benefits of shedding tears

The act of crying is often seen as one’s weakness, when we grow up and are no more a kid. If you are a crybaby then you are often labelled as a weakling. However, to your surprise, let me inform you that the involuntary act of crying is actually good for your intellect, body, and soul in many ways. So, instead of bottling up your tears just let it flow, otherwise you would be doing more harm to yourself than any good. Some of the benefits of crying are-
1)You dispose of toxins- you don’t always cry simply out of sadness, however crying is additionally your body’s response to deal with excessive stress. It acts as a stress buster, as when you cry, out of stress, your physique eliminates the stress hormone Cortisol, because of which you sense elated and feel much better. Moreover, chronic increase of this hormone may lead to various other diseases like sleeplessness, diminished immune response and weight gain. So, a good cry when you are stressed is the best way to deal with your conflicted mind and body.
2) Eliminates bacteria- Shedding tears help cast off micro organism from your eyes. This is due to the quality of the hormone lysozyme present in your tears. The hormone no longer solely wash bacteria away from your eyes but it additionally kills 90% of the bacteria on it’s path, hence it helps killing different toxins lurking on your skin.
3) Improves vision– crying helps clearing your eyes thus, hydrating it’s membranes and ultimately revitalizing your eyes’ normal functions.
4) Emotional cleansing- letting out your emotions is a good way to face your emotional storms. I am pretty sure that each one of us at certain point in our lives have discovered reasons to cry our heart out. Life is all about struggles, and most of the time we frequently find ourselves in the most vulnerable circumstances, and it is during this period that we need an emotional cleansing, that is letting our tears flow and get back stronger than before. Crying, therefore acts as an outlet, through which we can get back to our normal selves after holding back our tears for long amount of time in order to keep our face.
5) Lifts your mood- I am sure everybody has experienced this. Once you are done with your tears, you feel much lighter and your mood lifts up, after a while. This happens mostly, because you are done detoxifying both your body and your soul, by releasing your suppressed emotions in the form of tears.
Well readers, I am sure you have realized by now that crying is a sign of one’s strength and not weakness. So, next time if  you feel bogged down by your emotions don’t hesitate to let your tears flow. This is a much healthier way to keep you rooted in the present, clear your mind and let you gain back your lost strength!