Creative Writing

Creative Writing is one of today’s most demanded courses and work across the world. With proper techniques and love for writing anyone can do it. Creative writing is an art well known to people. A good writer can create a web of emotions that people all across the world can relate too. Writers with ability to capture people in their words are much appreciated by the people.

Using simple and understandable language to convey emotions and feelings are an important aspect of being a good writer, although we can find writers who have a style of using complex language too.

Here are some forms of creative writing that everyone can practice at home.

  • Poem

The idea of writing a poem comes so easily to all of us, inside most of us is a poet writing down his/her feelings. Poetry has a lot of different forms. There is an endless list on the types of poetry that can come under this section. Ranging from Ballad, Sonnet, Carol, Epic, Haiku , black out poetry etc. Poetry is classified on terms of its writing style, rhyming scheme, number of words used and lots more. Modern day poetry has been more open and not restricted to any kind of style. It is lot more expressive and simpler in understanding than the traditional poetry.

  • Musing

Musings are bits of moments of our reflection in life, it is that sudden though you have over a period of time. Some people write down their thoughts and weave them into creative pieces. Musings were quite an old technique.

  • Rant

Writing down your feelings that you have held back for so long is called a rant. It is as its literally meaning, ranting down your expressions and thoughts in ways closer to your heart. You could write it as much as you want, after all its rant.

  • Short Story

Writing short and creative plot involving stories are a thing now. We can find writers who write short story series. It has captured the attention of people so much these days. Readers look forward to short stories these days.

  • Open letter

An open letter is a redefinition of the traditional way of letter writing. It is addressed not to a single person but to the public or a group of persons as whole. It is usually a writing to address a social issue. It is to grab wide attention of people.

  • Thought

A thought can be an idea flashing upon our minds. It is that very short thing from which a writer can write more on.

  • Diary Entry

This is something that is so common, everybody keeps a diary at least in point of their life time. People write down what happens in their life, different events, important dates etc. It is in most people’s diary that we can find their creative minds.

  • Review

A review is basically a writing about an outline of a book or a movie or a certain thing. The writing talks briefly about the figure of attention.