Whenever we see a person making fun or play a prank on someone, we’ll probably snort or grin and say that guy is joking around but what about the person whom he/she made fun of? Was that person fine with it? Personally, no one cares, mostly because they don’t understand the real meaning of the term “Bullying”. Bullying is when someone is picked on by a person/group or someone who uses their power to harm or control a person. Bullies might make fun of somebody who they believe doesn’t fit in or seems like they are weak and cannot stand up for themselves. Some instances of bullying are spreading rumors, social status, appearance, threatening harm, sexual identity, religion, and one major kind of bullying where these bullies posts mean texts or nasty photos online known as Cyber Bullying. 

The aftermath of bullying can be horrifying. It can cause depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, lack of self-confidence and self-respect, lose interest from their work, or worse become a bully. Bullies can be kind and fake – this bully might act like your buddy so you tell them things, but later do harmful things behind your back.The outspoken and aggressive one might make fun of you to your face or physically hurt you and secretive and tricky. This bully might attempt to maneuver in secret. They might anonymously begin a damaging rumor just to witness what happens. Bullies are all similar to one another they don’t care about anyone, like to control others, are often vulnerable, and threaten others to make themselves feel great.

We can help a person who has been bullied by observing if there is any unusual change in behavior or attitude. Try to find out the circumstances and see if these changes usually take place during the use of digital devices or after coming from school, college, or workplace. Don’t sound too inquisitive, but gently engage that person in a conversation. Take him/her into trust and try to understand what is happening, when it all began, and who is all into this act. Immediately file a complaint with the police in case that person is receiving sexual or physical intimidations, or you sense an illegal activity or violation underway. 

If you are facing this issue, then ignore the bully and walk away. They normally like to get a response, so just show them you don’t give a damn. Always remember how much ever they provoke you do not get into a physical fight. You are better than them. It may help if you’ll talk to your parents, teachers, or friends or anyone who can give you the aid you require. Avoid being alone, stay with your friends who will back you up. Don’t forget self-confidence is the key to stand up against the bullies. Most people who bully others were once a victim, too. Try to talk to them and make them understand that all human beings are different and no matter what you should respect others.