Demerits of Blood Donation

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We all know that donating blood is one of the most noble causes on this earth and it helps in saving lives. According to American Red Cross, a single donation can save three lives. But blood donation also has some cons, which include:

Bruising, continued bleeding, dizziness, light- headedness, nausea, pain and physical weakness has been noticed in some of the cases. Though it is a safe process, there are some points which should be kept in mind before donation. Now, we will look from a closer perspective at how blood donation can negatively affect those who are donating.

The first point is bruising, there is a fair amount of chance that a donor can get bruised during insertion of a needle, which ranges from yellow to purple to blue. Where normal bruises are okay and we should not worry about and can treat it with ice packs but if the bruise changes its colour, then we should definitely go to visit the doctor.

The second demerit is continued bleeding which may happen in some cases after the removal of the bandage which is applied by the nurse at the hospital after s/he removes the needle. We are told to keep the bandage for four to five hours as bleeding stops in some time. But in some cases, bleeding continues even after five hours then it is suggested to keep the bandage for a longer duration. And even after that, bleeding doesn’t stop then it is the time you go to see the doctor.

In some cases, dizziness, light-headedness and nausea was observed in donors after donation. After blood donation, the donors are told to sit and have energizing snacks and juices to not feel any after effect of donation to give their body rest. The feeling subsides in some hours but in some cases, it continues and in such cases the donors should call their centres and go to see the doctor.

Then comes pain. We all know that donating blood is not painless as a needle is inserted to take out the blood and removed when the process completes. Though the pain is not of high level but in case of bruising it aggravates, then it is suggested by the doctor to take some pain reliever medicines to alleviate the pain.

In some of the cases physical weakness was also experienced by the donors especially in the arm in which the needle was inserted. It is the reason; the nurses tell donors not do any heavy activity five-six hours after the donation.

But we should never forget how blood donation is necessary for humanity and how it has the ability to save a dying person. It is an act of humanity and can do a lot of good and save millions of hopes. As one blood donation can not only save only one life but it can save up to approximately three lives. It is totally up to a person to donate or not but if you are ready to donate then analyze pros and cons and whatever you are comfortable with, you can go for that.  

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