New Tool Can Identify Endangered Corals

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There has been good news in the area of coral conservation as a newly developed genotyping chip has been launched which is the first in its kind and has the potential to save corals by identifying them genetically.

The chip can differentiate between corals and the symbiotic algae which lives in corals, thus providing researchers in stepping towards restoration of genetic diversity of coral reefs. It will further help in extracting DNA and analysing the data from the corals. A paper which describes all about the chip in the Journal Scientific Reports.

It is also known as micro-array uses more than 30,000 single nucleotide polymorphisms which are locations present in a coral genome. A single letter in the DNA alphabet can vary among distinct corals. It was designed using Caribbean corals which can also be used to analyse Pacific species. The scientists are very enthusiastic with the arrival of the chip and are looking towards it as a game changer in the field of coral restoration. 

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