Filling Spaces

‘Empty spaces in life are luxuries which you can fill with wisdom- the unending tunnel.’

Everyone in this world is gifted with exuberance to generate its own universe. Just like the space between stars, there are empty spaces in your life as well. Just like they shine, you are also made to sparkle. It’s upon you, how you fill those spaces. Everything has two aspects- the positive aspect and a negative one. Who created these aspects? Who told you that one thing is positive and the other one is negative? Take it just the way it is. Change your thoughts and change your thinking. Now the point comes, how will you fill these vacant parts of your life? Let me take you through it.

LOVE the secret to everything. The greatest contribution you can make in anybody’s life is love. Remove hatred from your heart and add love. The essence of love has so much potency that it will soak away every pain, every tear from your life. It has the highest frequency to fill gaps just as the gaps between your hands are filled by your spouse. Just as you are made for someone and someone is made for you, you are made human and humanity is made for you. Fill your gaps in humanity with love. Maybe you’re broken, maybe the world has given to you so much, maybe now you’re smiling but under that, you hide the pain, but there is always a place for love that will take away all your griefs. Now, this place is your empty space which you have filled with immense love.

Fortune favours the BRAVE. Remove the fear from your heart and add bravery. Learn to fight with your own struggles. You have to fight for yourself, nobody is going to fight for you. Take the first step of courage and the rest will be made for you. Many of us are afraid to take the first initial step. Remember you are the light and spread that glow for the path on which you have to go. Don’t be afraid, never doubt your capabilities. What if Mahatma Gandhi doesn’t take his first step for freedom? If Kalam didn’t make his first missile? If Graham Bell doesn’t make phones? Today, without their guts can India be able to achieve success? So go ahead, be brave enough to fight your battles, for your dreams. After all, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Congratulations! you’re on a way to achieve success, to fill those gaps. 

Spread KINDNESS. You know you’re here in this world for a purpose. We are born in this world to spread smiles, to be kind. Every hand that offers love has a spirit to spread goodness. Ask yourself, are we kind enough to help? Do we have enough to give something to that poor child asking for food? Yes, of course! Live your life in abundance, after all, life is meant to be abundant. Until and unless you do not learn to help others you cannot go ahead in your life. Help others to get help. Understand the pain in others eyes, give a hand for help, you’ll feel heaven. Be generous to donate for those who are born in this world for this purpose. Have a noble attitude of giving. 

A GRATEFUL heart is a magnet for miracles. Have you ever wondered why 96% of all the wealth is only in the lives of 1% people? It’s because they have an attitude of gratitude. They run business, not for the sake of money, but to create opportunities for others. This is the most powerful way to fill those empty spaces of your life with goodness. Have an attitude of developing gratitude. Take a piece of paper and write all the things you’re grateful for. The pen, laptop, your eyes, your beautiful face, your house and all those things which you see around you. Unless and until you are not grateful for the things you already have, how will you be grateful for the things you’ll get in future? The whole struggle of your life will end if you begin to be grateful for the things you have now. The greatest battles of your life are fought in these secrets above you. The empty spaces of your life can be filled with the peace of mind having open and clear space. As a wise human make your empty space your most beautiful opulence.