Live In Relationship!…

In our society, two strangers can sleep together on first-night post marriage. But two loved ones who each other for years can’t live together.
Nowadays in both kinds of marriages, whether love or arranged, people struggle to stay together. In an arranged marriage, two complete strangers are supposed to live together. Every person has his different and unique nature and when two people with exactly opposite nature are tied together, clashes become obvious and they couldn’t take it further. While in case of love marriages, they don’t face this problem as they already know each other well. But meeting a person daily for a few hours and living with a person are two completely different things. We can’t assure that two individuals who loved ones can live happily under one roof. There are so many factors such as compatibility, tolerance, mutual interest and much more which we need to consider before choosing a partner for life. So in such case, live in a relationship could be the solution.
When two persons live together, see each other for 24 hours, there’ll be the behavioural change for sure. Each individual will get to know the strong and weak points of the other. How he/she will behave in simple situations or any tough situations, how the person manages anger and so many insights we can get when we live with a person. We’ve made intimacy before marriage a big taboo? A person has no age to commit a crime but two adults, with mutual consent, can’t come close.

It will definitely help you to make a wise decision to avoid getting hurt in the future. If it goes well, then you can move ahead happily without a second thought and if not, you will always have a plan B. As a human, each one of us has different opinions and different mindsets. So we need to analyse it very much keenly as it is one of the biggest decisions of your life. It is always better to look before you leap!…

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