Generation Gap.

From “Meri sapno ki raani kab aayegi tu” to “Akela hai mister khiladi, miss khiladi chahiye” and then stopping at “chale jab tu latak matak, londo ke dill patak patak” we all felt the gap between these trends. This is what a generation gap is. It is an ongoing topic, like when there’s nothing to talk about, you start taking about the difference between you and your father’s generation have. And also it’s a story of every house. Both the generation are only good in there own explanation but neither of them can console each other. So, let us try to understand them first.

Every generation has got it’s particular name according to the year they were born such as Boomers or Gen X, Millennials or Gen Y and Gen z. But, let’s talk practically, the only difference between these generation are of perception and there mentality.

Since, the Gen X or the generation our parents belong to, was a complicated generation. Gen X includes post independence period which was developing period for india. For them, all that matters was to prove yourself and also about the upbringing which should be strong both physically, mentally and financially. They belongs to an era of freedom fighters, not of fairytale stories. There strugglers were real. They were the official “work hard, not smarter” type of generation. They use to get inspired or judged by the image of  freedom fighters, that’s why there was no chance of understanding among them. So, depression and mental breakdown were not for them to be understood, and also we can’t just blame them for this because for a generation, it’s type of  environment matters a lot. They were the one who were introduced by the indian culture and also wasn’t allowed to have discussion on it. So, are they Worthy for our hate?

Now, let’s talk about Mellennials or Gen Y, which belongs to your older brothe, rs and sisters. The one who is actually working in the society. This generation was blamed to be the destroyer of our culture or “Sanskriti”. But, what they actually did was, they brought change in the society. Like, this generation has only heard about the freedom fighters, but, was not inspired by them. They had there own sight, a sight of a better place. We can’t say that their struggles were not real, but they also didn’t have to start anything. All they have to do was to show a better way of development. They changed the society thinking about the third gender, regarding LGBTQ+ community, Racism, environmental crisis, crimes against womens, etc.. Actually, this generation has not destroy the following culture but it has improvised it for the betterment of the society and also made each other aware about the physical and mental health. It is only because of this generation the coming generation will be seeing an ongoing development throughout there life, but, also has introduced many types of problem to the society. As every work has it’s side effects. So, what’s wrong with that??

Now, we will talk about Gen Z or our generation. This generation is very much aware about the past and the present condition and also has habit of changing everything. Till now this generation has also done some kind of development in making things easy and handy to the society. And also working on bringing equality in the society. This generation is the most developed one’s among others with morden gadgets and a lot more. But, still there’s a lot left to prove for this generation infront of there fellow generation, which they are already dreaming of. For that we also can’t blame this to them cause they are the ones who is going through the climatic problem and scarcity of resources. So, they don’t only have to overcome it but also come up with a long lasting solution. Let’s hope and leave the rest on them.

Since, we have already discussed about all the three types of generation which is presently existing in this society.  So, whom do you think has won? Boomers or Mellennials. Actually, we don’t know because even if Mellennials won today, someday Gen Z will prove them wrong and Boomers are already an outdated version in the society. That’s why I said it’s always an ongoing topic because the debate will continue in every generation. And one more thing is clear that every generation has it’s own struggle to overcome and we shall not compare them.

At last always remember that:
“There’s no generation
     actually happy for or from
             upcoming generation”

So, drop down your views on this topic and Let’s discuss more about it. Man! It’s a long debate.
See yaa.