Road Safety

We all live in a world where we take our lives for granted, we always forget safety measures and put ourselves in constant risk especially while driving. Driving safely and using appropriate measures not only saves our lives but also of the ones around us. Everyday we can see new cases being reported of accidents been caused due to carelessness. These happen due to our own little mistakes, if we take proper precautions we can always be safe from these kind of accidents. Wearing safety belts and helmets whenever we go out always ensures us of our safety while driving.

It is advisable to not mix drinking and driving together. Using phones while driving leads to a lot of accidents these days. Drunken drivers had often ended up bringing  trouble to other passengers too. Many accidents have been reported across the countries where drunken dries has run over homeless people especially during night time .

Road safety is an important part of our lifestyle. We take issues like this so lightly that we forget its gravity and how it can affect us. Driving rashly can cost us our lives. There is no point in regretting after things have happened, we always have to be careful and fully aware of our surroundings while driving and on road.

It is high time that we take issues like road safety very seriously. Government of India has taken up various policies for the safety of its citizens but what’s more disturbing is that people do not follow it. People have gained ignorance and have not so caring attitudes towards road safety. Often we see people paying fine for overspeed or not wearing a helmet or seatbelt.

Listed below are a few basic road safety rules that applies to everyone.

  • As per the Indian law, you should have minimum 18 years of age to avail a driving license.
  • While driving, you should not use mobile phones  as it can cause serious road accidents
  • Drinking and driving is not allowed as it seems to be a deadly combination for you
  • You need to wear seat belt while driving a four wheeler
  • Helmets are necessary when you use two wheelers for travelling.
  • Make sure that you keep left on the road, when you use cycles for travelling.

Recently road safety has gained enough amount of attention among people, especially the youth. They have taken up initiatives to rise the issue in various platforms. Many organisations have been build by students across the country to spread awareness on the need for road safety.

Hoping to see people taking issues like road safety more into perspective so as to see a budding nation of responsible adults. As a citizen of India it is very important for us to follow the rules and regulations made for us. It is in the best interest of the citizens of the nation these laws are made. Traffic signs provide valuable information to drivers and other road users. They represent rules that are in place to keep you safe, and help to communicate messages to drivers and pedestrians that can maintain order and reduce accidents. Neglecting them can be dangerous.