If you like it, wear it.

Fashion styles

#1 Artsy

Colourful and vibrant kind of style. Creative.

#2 Bohemian

Personal favourite. Also known as Hippie fashion. With a modern touch to it looks fabulous on anyone.

#3 Casual

The I-don’t-care-I-feel-comfortable type of style. The simplest of clothes in your wardrobe.

#4 Chic

The girls night out or a date night look where you actually put some effort in choosing the dress and makeup.

#5 Preppy

Basically classic but with bold and clean colours with a structured silhouette.

#6 Rocker

Mostly a leather jacket amd pants. Ripped jeans. Don’t-mess-with-me kind of look.

#7 Sophisticated/classic


#8 Sexy

Especially for parties. Outgoing type.

#9 Tomboy

Mostly loose clothes. Boyish, carefree. Billie Eilish’s iconic style.

#10 Vintage

Looks cute. Never goes out of style. Comfortable.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!