Changing trends of marketing

The marketing is being practiced by the businesses since the business have evolved. The increase in competition also increase the need of marketing to make your business survive in the competitive era. A good marketing strategy is an important ingredient for the recipe of your successful business. A business has to change with time the marketing tools and strategies are not evergreen because the interest of your target audience is dynamic the eyeballs of your target customers keep shifting from one platform to another from TV to social media and from Google to Gmail. So if you are a marketer it is very important for you to be updated with latest marketing trends that fits your business domain

Previously only advertising was considered as marketing even today some small business consider advertising and marketing as one thing but marketing is lot more than advertising collection of data , product development, understanding consumer behaviour, making sales strategy, public relations management, and many more aspects which connects the business and customer, comes under the scope of marketing. Earlier door to door sales were in trend but today everything is online you place the order and it’s delivered. Today if a company do door to door sales it have a negative impact on brand equity.

When it comes to change in marketing trends the most important thing is Digital marketing. It is the future of marketing it is more dynamic like interest of people, narrow targeting is possible, calculation of ROI is very easy least expensive and most effective. Couple of decades back marketing was to find your customers and often marketers wasted their time and energy on a wrong customer but with the help of technology we can target a very specific audience which is our target audience so the major problem of searching target audience base is sorted here only next step is to penetrate it with a great strategy to build trust for the brand and get maximum conversions.

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