Food : The Life Preserver

Article by – Shishir Tripathi
Intern at Hariyali Foundation
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Educational News

When an individual studies economics during the higher studies, they are told about different types of goods including the normal goods, inferior goods, luxurious goods and the essential goods. Energy is required by every organism to survive on the planet earth. Energy is gained in various forms like heat energy from consuming food. Whether a person is rich or poor, tall or short, fat or skinny, or just any other person and all other organisms need food and making it as an essential commodity required by all.

After a tiring day at the office, after an exhausting day with scorching sun on the farm, after a day with extra classes in the school, after a day with endless house chores, every other person of different age groups performing different roles in the economy need food at the end of the day. A Thali with 2 Chapattis and veggie, some pulse and rice will make the day of such an individual after a tiring day.

Fine, but the question arises that whether the availability of food is there for every person in the country? Is there any family or a person who sleeps without food? Does every family which is affording food is using it for filling their tummies or a part of food is wasted too in a country like India? Let’s move ahead to get answers to these questions.

India has been placed at 103 out of 119 countries surveyed for the World Global Hunger Index (GHI) by two credible international NGOs based on the indicators of undernourishment and under-5 child wasting, child stunting and child mortality. Its score is 31.1 in the GHI, among the worst in the world, and below close neighbourers Bangladesh and Nepal in the SAARC region.

At least 20 crore Indians go to bed hungry daily.

Yes, a country with a lot of resources, vegetation, a country which is amongst the biggest exporters of food grains faces the problem of hunger for its 20 – 25 million population. A person who didn’t had food for days from him; one can understand that what pain is. When one takes a fast, they know that how body agonizes without water and food for the whole day. So staying hungry for days is so bad and tremendous.

According to a Report, India wastes INR 244 Crore worth of Food per Day. At the same time, one should notice that approximately 20 million people go hungry in nation where food is wasted in such a high quantity every day. In every Indian wedding, food is the most important part and the most wasted too! In India, statistics related to food wastage at weddings have been quite shocking, given the fact that it is the same country where countless number of people have to survive without the basic necessity of two meals a day. Around 100,000 weddings and social events are held in India every day. Food wasted each day at weddings and family functions in the metro cities alone would be enough to feed the vast slum population sleeping hungry at night without food. About one-fifth of the food served at weddings and social gatherings is discarded. The prodigious waste that follows has horrified many in a country where food prices are skyrocketing and tens of millions of young children are malnourished.

About 58 per cent of people in the country are food insecure, says the findings of the National Nutritional Survey (NNS) 2011. The country has enough food to feed its people but that poor cannot afford even two-square meals a day.

No government scheme will work unless and until the people who have food on their table will realize the actual demand of food from their stomach and their tongue. Those who fill their bellies till esophagus at the table or the silly ones who just don’t know that what food they like and waste a whole plate at the function, they must try to know the importance of food and stop wasting it.

Stop food wastage, give it to a hungry person and the be the reason for someone’s filled tummy.


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