IoT : Inter-connecting of Things

The fourth industrial revolution introduced Industry 4.0, which comprises of several disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet-of-Things, Blockchain, Cloud Computing and 3D printing. Technological advancements today have made it possible to easily access and connect with one another. It is this very interconnected technology that has helped combat the Corona virus pandemic and stabilize our lives. Thanks to these novel applications, along with several others, this ubiquitous technology has garnered generous attention from experts around the world.

Broadly speaking, Internet-of-Things comprises of a giant network of devices interconnected over internet, thus allowing people to collect and share data, without dealing with inadequacies of space, cost and time. IoT has made it possible to effectively monitor and share live data in field of healthcare, education, IT, defense and agriculture. Here’s a look at how IoT is aiding in advancing several domains:

  1. Interconnecting in Healthcare – IoT has enabled efficient monitoring of health issues like diabetes, sugar levels, pulse rate etc, and is also helping in treatment of diseases. An example to this can be seen in a cancer study presented at ASCO Annual Meeting in 2018, wherein it was found that those response to treatments were regularly monitored, showed drop in severity of symptoms. Apple watch to monitor depression, Bluetooth enabled technology to check blood clot levels etc are examples of use cases where IoT is being used.
  2. Interconnecting in Agriculture – IoT enabled smart agriculture has helped millions in growing healthy crops at minimum cost levels. Frequent monitoring of water levels, soil acidity levels, weather conditions etc. are examples how agriculture has benefited from this.
  3. Interconnecting in Manufacturing – Sensors provide great deal of ways in which smooth manufacturing can take place, by continuously monitoring machines for repairs and any other damage, otherwise invisible to naked eye.
  4. Interconnecting in Energy – IoT has also helped in judicial use of natural resources, as demands can be predicted, and suitable alternated can be figured out.
  5. Interconnecting in Education – Smart classrooms has been effective in

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