Public and Private Administration

These are a few terms we have familiarized in the past years. Administration means ‘to administer’ , derived from a Latin word ‘ad’ and ‘ministrare’, it means to serve or manage. We all do know the difference in the meaning of Public and Private.

Administration came as a activity from the times of men and women but as a discipline it emerged only a century and decade ago. In order to live together harmoniously there was a need for a system of control and rules. A leader was much needed to make amendments and negotiations.

As this became a discipline there was a need to categorize it and so the two broad categories of Public and Private administration emerged.

Public Administration can be briefly said as implementation of public policy, as laid down by a competent authority, economically and efficiently for the benefit of the people.

Private Administration refers to the implementation of policy and management of private property or administration.

The following are the similarities between Private and Public Administration

  • Skills

No matter which sector you work for, private or public the usage of your skill is the same. The skills and techniques adopted by both the sector are the same. The work of an engineer or a teacher is the same in both private and public sector.

  • Influence

There has been a profound influence on each other. Public corporations are set up as an idea to import the private administration into it. Likewise big and private firms have taken up policies like welfare and insurance too.

  • Administrative set up

The administrative set up is the same for both the administration. There is a certain level of hierarchy existing in both. And people are recognized according to it. The work is divided on this basis of this structure.

  • Public Relations

Both of the administrations make sure to have contact with the masses. Even though private administration work on their self-interest, they work according to the needs of the people too. Public administration is for the people. Many private industries are taken up by the government too and vice versa. This proves the how much alike they are.

  • Research and Improvement

No matter how far both the industries have come, they always improve and make alternative changes. They constantly try to bring innovations and changes according to time.

Differences between Public and Private Administration.

  • Prestige

Prestige for public administration is very much important. Public administration works for the people and what people think about the government is very Important for them and hence there are a wide range of opportunities available to the public.

  • Political direction

Sometimes public administration is pushed according to the party’s needs. There is can be a bias due to the influence of a particular party, after all it’s the party which wins the election.

  • Profit motive

Private administration run on the basis of profit and their own self- interest, while public administration is for public welfare. There is no other motive like private administration, their duty is to serve people.

  • Uniformity of treatment

Public administration is bound by certain laws and regulations, there is equality of treatment for everyone, No one is treated indifferently. But the same cannot be said for private administration, there is a chance of personal bias in it.

  • Monopolistic

Some services of the public administration are monopolistic, the government does not allow a second party to invest or make business out of it, this is done for the welfare of the people of the nation.

  • Responsibility to Public

Public administration is made for the people and so it is accountable to the law and its people. It owes a certain amount of responsibility to the government.

These are the similarities and differences of private and public administration. Both of these are necessary for a nation of succeed